About us

ORGANIC VIET with our main industry are production, supply of organic vegetables and fruits which are fresh, natural and clean. We commit about the product quality and the reputation of service, with our purpose is sustainable development in a long term. 

1 . Reliable information of organic products
All our products are from organic agriculture which was certificated.  This makes sure that the product are safe for customers and environment.

2 . The production process are healthy, natural and do not affect badly on environment.
Our distribution system is allocated and managed in the short distance to limit the impact of the distribution on the environment, this is also a guarantee of freshness. Each type of organic fruits and vegetables are seasonal to ensure the supply of pure flavors and unique.

3 . Competitive prices

We are producers and mainly supply organic products directly to consumers to ensure that customers fully benefit from the products and services with the lowest prices.

4 . Eating activities in
a healthy and varied way
To be healthy, our eating activities should be diverse, balanced and everyone have to do physical activity regularly. Nutritional experts also recommend eating fruits and vegetables regularly (at least five fruits and vegetables per day).

5 . Discover fruit and vegetables in
Each basket includes a selection of fruits and vegetables in each season with fresh and high quality that allows you to explore the types of products each week and the recipes from these products, so that you can prepare
unique meals and diversity.

ORGANIC VIET: Authentic value for life